Barnett Ghost 350 – The Best Crossbow Online?

Aug 30 2014

Hunting requires power and accuracy so you really need to use a kind of crossbow that is very convenient to carry. If you find a hard time to choose one, why don’t you try Barnett Ghost 350? This crossbow could be the one you look for.

Barnett Ghost 350 Features

Barnett Ghost 350 crossbow reviewIt was made by using the innovative carbon riser technology. It only weighs 7.6 pounds so it is very portable while it gives you improved balance while you are aiming for your target. A lightweight crossbow like Barnett Ghost 350 can help in reducing body strain which you may usually feel when you carry some heavy items.

This product package comes with laminated and over-molded limbs. It makes this crossbow sturdier and it also aids in reducing the noise vibration for up to thirty percent. With Barnett Ghost 350, your hunting experience will be more convenient as it creates less vibration and it is very handy. This crossbow package comes with an illuminated scope which helps in increasing your accuracy in shooting.

This product also comes with an aluminum flight track that makes shot arrows slide easily. The anti-dry feature of this crossbow can further improve the fired arrows’ speed. These specifications are very important so the arrows could be shot at a pace of 350 ft per second.

Its trigger also needs to be too efficient so that you can easily fire the arrows. This product comes with an MIM trigger which is designed to let you shot the arrows easily like the way you fire a gun. Its draw weight is 175 pounds which is typically the common weight for the latest models of crossbows.


• It is very light because it is made by using the revolutionary carbon riser technology.
• The limbs increase the accuracy of the bow by minimizing the vibration and noise.
• Its aluminum flight track & its anti-dry feature assists in maximizing the swiftness of the fired arrows.
• Its speed rate is simply great to catch a deer or other animals in the forest.


• It doesn’t have its own foot stirrup which can assist the hunters in drawing the arrows with ease.

Overall, this product is a good choice. Its performance is great. It is also reasonably priced so you should consider this option when you buy a crossbow. This may be the best crossbow for the money.

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Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator Review

Aug 30 2014

Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator is the best-engineered epilators ever made by Braun.

This epilator has been crafted with customers’ interest and satisfaction in mind, it has the ability to tweeze the tiny hairs from the skin.

Here is the Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator review:

How it works

Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator ReviewBraun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator removes the hair directly and mechanically grasping hairs, and at the same time pulling them out,

The best thing about the Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator is that it does not hurt, and by so it does not remove the cells from the epithelium.

Features of 7 Xpressive Epilator

Cord and Cordless use

The Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator can do the epilation for over 40 minutes without the cord, which is enough time to remove all the hairs.

Wet and Dry

The epilator is engineered to work in the shower of the bath tab, while the warm cozy water improves the blood circulation.


As you continue with your epilation, the epilator increase the experience by stimulating the skin and at the same time soothes the plucked skin.

Close Grip engineered

Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator has 40 tweezers than ensures the shortest hair from the skin is removed, and stays smooth up to 4 weeks.

Personalized speed and lighting

Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator has personalized speed regulator, where you can modulate to the gentle or high and efficient epilation,

The pivoting head can be adjusted forward and backward to follow the contours of the body, with the help of Smartlight illumination.


Out of the box the Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator comes with a shaver head, trimmer cap, pre epilation wipes, Pouch, Facial, Efficiency and sensitive are cap,

In addition, the silk-epil is also included.


Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator is 100 percent safe, with cordless mode you not have to worry about electrocution,

This epilator is washable, most part can be removed and fixed back without removing any screws,

Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive Epilator is by far the most brilliant epilator you can have, it effectively lift the flat hair the tweeze thus making a one touch tweeze quicker,

The epilator is easy to operate, does not need to read the whole manual to operate or dismantle during cleaning.

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Review of Quick Access Gun Safe

Aug 30 2014

The Quick Access Gun Safe is an excellent gun safe for any home. With key less lock and able to mount to the wall, it will keep your gun safe from others but accessible to you when you need it


The size of the safe it large enough to hold up to an 18.5 inch barrel, anything bigger would be a difficult fit. But the small size makes it ideal for hiding in the closet under the bed without any overhang. Practically it will hold only one gun and a couple of boxes of ammo so if you need something bigger this not the box for you.

Portability and Mounting

Weighing in at just over 25 pounds it is portable enough to be taken with you but heavy enough that it will protect the contents from damage. The weight also makes it easier to mount on the wall. This box features pre-punched mounting holes for easy mounting and the front opening allows for mounting upright or on a wall.


The safe is made of steel which is heavy to protect the guns but not too heavy that it can’t be moved. The box does seem like it could be opened with some strength, leverage and crowbar but it would take some effort and time. So while it might not keep out a determined thief it will keep the gun safe from children.


The quick access gun safe has a five button mechanical lock for “quick access”. The lock is solidly constructed and is able to be programmed to use all buttons or a combination of buttons at once. This helps to have quicker access and it can be opened in about five seconds depending on the combination. The mechanical lock avoids electronics or battery failure when you need it. The box also comes with a key lock but they are separate locks and the combination will not open the key lock.


The major complaint with this safe is the length is too short for many guns. So before purchasing make sure you have measured properly so that it will fit into this safe.


All in all the Quick Access Gun Safe is a good safe for short barrel gun that can be mounted and accessed when needed. The construction of the material of the safe as well as the lock are excellent for the size of the box. It provides a balance between security and accessibility of a gun.

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